RICE Rally operates as one arm of the greater RICE Movement, an events-based Christian evangelistic ministry in Sydney. RICE Rally has been held annually since 2002 and aims to make disciples of Jesus Christ in Sydney's youth by preaching the gospel and by partnering with local churches.

What sets RICE Rally apart is its unique ability to gather the leadership resources of 50+ multicultural evangelical churches from across Sydney to host a 3000+ attendance youth evangelistic event.

"For What You're Worth" is our theme this year.

Everyone bases their worth on something different - whether it's how they see themselves through partying, sports, study, music or relationships. These are good things given by God for us to enjoy.

But is it really worth investing our whole lives into these things?

Everything in this world is temporary. Money, success, relationships - will never provide complete satisfaction, and will not last forever.

What then, shall we base our worth on? Perhaps a greater question would be, who then, shall we give the authority to decide ‘for what we’re worth’?

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If you would like flyers or A3 posters for church or school, please email info@ricemovement.org with your name, group, postal address and amount of flyers you would like sent to you.

Our Events:

Rally Youth Event
Regenerate Uni Student and Young Workers Event
Catalyst Youth Event
Twelve - Year 12 Study Camp
RICE China Launch Night
RICE Regionals
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